Girl offers prayer on burning coal

By | January 2, 2017

The Prophet passed on this to his sidekicks. “My, siblings, Allah has said that on the off chance that you need to start a sacred war, your first obligation is to wage that war against the armed force of foes that mischief you from inside. Every one of you should make your heart satisfactory to Him. You should make your heart unadulterated as per God’s law by playing out the custom yield expected to devastate the shades of malice which come to decimate you. You should remove every one of the things that block your heart. Make your heart light. Feed it with the sustenance of light which is the fortune of Allah, and stay away from all that is taboo.”

Allah told His Messenger (Sal.), “Special case who shares of My sustenance will have his yearning and his wishes conciliated. The passable nourishment, for the heart comprises of My celestial learning, My ninety-nine characteristics, My qualities and activities. My understanding and satisfaction surrender to Me, believing Me, and commending only me. Just such acclaim will end his craving.

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With My holy messengers I will ensure any individual who makes this aim the light inside his heart, any individual who sees each of these three thousand generous qualities, anybody in whom these qualities develop.

“O Muhammad, I will uncover to you the holy messengers that will come to shield you from the armed forces of Habib Ibn Malik, sent by Abu Jahl. Every blessed messenger will have three thousand heads and six thousand hands, and will ‘Employ the weapons proper to them. You will have the capacity to see them all.