Girl offers prayer on burning coal

By | January 28, 2017

Faultfinders claim that the Commonwealth is a pioneer relic, a neo-supreme trick and only a gathering of not imperative states united unintentionally of having been colonized by Britain.Others assert that it is a toothless bulldog and a minor talking shop which has helped Britain to gradually deal with its loss of domain.

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Thinking about the above feedback it gets to be distinctly important to ask the relevant question, is the Commonwealth a trivial neo-pioneer taking shop that accomplishes nothing in the World today? The BBC online Network makes a channel for us to peruse a greater amount of what the commentators are stating as recorded hereunder:

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What is basic about the federation nations is the way that Imperial Britain ransacked them visually impaired and they are evidently still oblivious in regards to see that the ward exists today simply because it serves the interests of the British government. (John Oluwalogbon, Nigeria).

Its a dependable fact that the British Commonwealth is useless even to Britain. Nor is it a mystery that Britain will dependably pick its NATO partners over its Commonwealth countries. At the point when will the supposed Republics in the Commonwealth at last begin satisfying their charging as Republics and quit pursuing that wilted old witch, Britain. (Emaka J. Amnze, Esq.