Girl offers prayer on burning coal

By | January 2, 2017

The buddies of the Prophet (Sal.) argued like this on numerous occasions. In any case, Muhammad (Sal.) did not give them authorization to battle. His heart was crying. The light in his eyes looked toward Allah, and his hands were outstretched requesting impeccable confidence and the abundance of Allah’s awesome information. He spent each minute in this state, soliciting Allah to change the hearts from the general population. The main sword in his grasp was the sword of affection and solidarity, the sword of confidence, certitude, and assurance, the sword of persistence, satisfaction, trusting God and acclaim of God.

Before long, Hamzah accompanied a similar demand, yet the Prophet (Sal.) would not respect him either. He would not advise his adherents to start a heavenly war. Rather he generally replied, “You can’t do this without Allah’s consent, and Allah has not conceded it. Hence, I can’t give you my consent either.

The genuine sacred war of Islam is a war against our base cravings, and against each one of those perspectives inside ourselves which are the genuine adversaries to our life in the great beyond. Yet at the same time his colleagues argued, “We are warriors and we have been disrespected. How might we live in this world with such shame?”

At that point, while the Prophet (Sal.) held up quietly, Allah’s answer came. “O Muhammad, advise your associates to start the heavenly war in their souls, to give up the shades of malice in their own particular hearts. Your sidekicks need to comprehend this.”