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By | January 15, 2017

The Bible demonstrates that the Messiah won’t come back to convey Israel until the finish of a seven-year period anticipated by Daniel 9:24-27. This seven-year time span can be effectively found with regards to the 490-year prescience concentrated on the Jews and Jerusalem in that section, 483 of which were satisfied sequentially. (The 70 “weeks” in that entry truly allude to 70 “sevens.”

The satisfaction of the 483-year prescience demonstrates the “sevens” to be times of seven years. The prescience implies Artaxerxes’ charge on March 4, 444 B.C. with proceeded with satisfaction up to the presentation of Jesus as “Sovereign” at His triumphal passage on March 30, A.D. 33. This is a 483-year time allotment, on a Jewish timetable, to the very day! This is immaculate satisfaction!)

This leaves a seven-year time span to be satisfied later on. (The prediction was put on break by the torturous killing of Christ, specified in Daniel 9:26.) As Daniel 9:27 shows, this seven-year period will be started by the affirmation of a seven-year arrangement with Israel, which will be associated with the reconstructing of the Jewish sanctuary. This seven-year time frame, which has not yet happened, must occur before the Messiah conveys Israel (according to Zechariah 12-14).

While two components of the prescience are not totally precise, that does not imply that the general message of it is most certainly not. As it were, it appears, by contrasting Biblical prediction and the way God has been adjusting a few key occasions, that the developing Iranian emergency could flag the soon