Girls Beating One Another In Park

By | January 8, 2017

There are a large number of variants of celestial pictures that man has made to fulfill his fantasy of unceasing life. The disarray and visual deficiency they make are substantial and they are the divider that conceals reality. The eagerness of their devotees to over-look the genuine God, the Spirit of the Universe, is the explanation behind the underhandedness and demise they will confront in these the most recent days. My rebirth and learning that paradise and damnation are myths is just part of the data given to me to pass on to the world.

Religions have all begun from sun-revere and the possibility that men can get to be divine beings in paradise. That thought was empowered by the part of Babylon and the religions conceived there that all have Islamic roots. The city is the home of Islam and its religion was Zoro Aster, or Morning Star.

The Spirit demonstrated to me a dream of that star and how it was made into the figure of a lady whom men crave and trusted that by biting the dust on the cross they could “wed” Mary. The name given to the sun was ‘mother’s capable eye’, which is ‘mama r-y’ in typical terms.

It was additionally called ‘el-a’ which signifies ‘god’s energy’. That has advanced after some time into Allah, the main lord of Islam, while Mary is viewed as the Mother of God since Constantine place “her” in his religion in that capacity. This is the man who built up the Catholic Church and set up the picture of Jesus Christ as the Son of God.