Girl’s body found hanging from tree

By | November 30, 2016

Jesus called the additional 603 rules falsifications of men marked “God”, and “overwhelming weights intolerable to be borne set on men’s shoulders by the copyists (book of scriptures authors) and Pharisees.” (Matthew 23:1-4). In Matthew 23 Jesus dispatches into a flat out castigation, calling the book of scriptures scholars venomous snakes regurgitating their lethal toxic substance into your books of scriptures which toxic substance would lead all of you into the fire.

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Have you known about 911? Why did it happen? All things considered, the Muslim men who flew the 2 planes into the two twin towers of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, genuinely trusted that they did it on the requests of your God of Mount Sinai, who summons them in the Koran to “Make War on the Jews and the Christians.” Furthermore, these Muslim men additionally sincerely accepted to the profundities of their souls that the minute they hit the towers, they would wake up in Heavenly Eternal Paradise with God of Mount Sinai, 72 Virgins, and Wine with no reactions since they read this in a book – this would be their reward from God of Mount Sinai for Making War on the Christians and Jews. (Koran, Chapter, Sura, 9:29-30, and Chapter 56, Mecca).

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The Old and the New Testament additionally have endless such charges, as in Psalm 2, where God advises the Messiah to break the Heathen (King James Version), the Non Believers, similar to earthenware with a bar of iron into a huge number of pieces. Shockingly Psalm 2 and the whole Old Testament has now been received by each of the 3 religions who now trust that all non amass individuals, each man, lady, and kid, are the Heathen who God of Mount Sinai needs pounded, who God needs them to beat, for extraordinary interminable prizes.

In striking back for 911, the President of the United States openly declared to the World that he was propelling a Crusade. As each Muslim individual knows, the Crusades were a thousand years prior when the Pope drove his Christian armed force crosswise over Europe, slaughtering each Jew in their way, recovering the Holy Land, until the Christian officers stood knee somewhere down in Muslim blood in Jerusalem.