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By | February 10, 2017

Why ISI had picked Afghan-Pakistan outskirt regions as sheltered paradise for OBL is extremely apparent from ISI scandalous plan of playing twofold standard diversion with USA. ISI is certain that USA will never have the capacity to capture outlaw OBL without Pakistan help, consequently, the whole Pakistani government apparatus is endeavoring hard and fast endeavors to drain trillions of US dollars before either OBL kicks the bucket his regular demise or is going to bite the dust.

ISI birds of prey realize that if USA can find OBL by any shot, the Pakistan Government would constrain him to hybrid to Afghanistan to clean Pakistan ridiculous materials. I am still suspicious that ISI would handover mortal stays of Osama to edgy USA authority to increase home face funds triumph. US approach producers realize that Islamic Terrorism can’t be battled without Pakistani support; in this way, all their remote arrangements in South East Asia are Pakistan driven.

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While Pakistan is attempting to drain US most extreme on one side, she is arranging battle against remote fear based oppressors settled for all time in NWFP slope territories on the other. These remote fear based oppressors are really those Jihadies who were selected to battle Jihad on the planet anyplace.

While Pakistan is attempting to contain fear based oppression on her dirt utilizing Army; she needs Indian government to determine through exchange and tranquil means in Kashmir. ISI is preparing, sustaining, outfitting and giving all calculated support to Indian fear mongers stowing away in Pakistan.

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