God shows miracle by giving eyesight back to blind man

By | January 1, 2017

Six critical reports are incorporated into the informative supplements giving strong confirmation of a portion of the announcements made about the mobs amongst Christians and Muslims. The headings of these reports are suggestive: The brutal governmental issues of religion and the survival of Nigeria : Press proclamation by Ahmadu Bello University Lecturers 1987 (Appendix 1), Submission to the Kaduna State Commission on enquiry into the late aggravations in Kaduna state, Chief Daniel Gowon 1987 (Appendix 2).

Death and devastation at Baptist Seminary, Kaduna in 2000, Yusuf Gwadah (Appendix 3), Kaduna’s’ slaughtering fields?, Bala Abdullahi and Kayode Kolade 2000 (Appendix 4), Escalation of fury, Onimissi Alao 2000 (Appendix 5) and Avoidable butchery in Kaduna, Umar Sanda 2000 (Appendix

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The subject record in this first volume makes it generally simple for one to follow essential themes and the commentaries and inevitable catalog vouch for the measure of sources counseled giving the work the believability it merits. Boer conceded that he didn’t tell everything except for the proof displayed is sufficient to have a photo of the circumstance.

Boer concurs that few records are mind blowing and is not shocked if any one sees it in this vein. After observing the destroyed city of Kaduna, he cites President Obasango of saying “I couldn’t trust that Nigerians were able to do such brutality against each other” (p. 78).