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By | February 7, 2017

Convention relates that Mayroo Khan, evidently the main Mohommedan Thum of Nager somewhere in the range of 200 years after the presentation of the religion of Islam to Gilgit, wedded a girl of Trakhan of Gilgit, who bore him twin children named Moghlot and Girkis. From the previous the present decision group of Nager is plummeted.

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The twins are said to have demonstrated antagonistic vibe to each other from birth. Their dad seeing this and not able to settle the topic of progression, separated his state between them, providing for Girkis the north, and to Moghlot the south, bank of the iver.

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The customary name for the ruler in Hunza was Thum which is likewise an aware designation utilized by individuals of both Hunza and Nager who have a place with the station of Boorish. The Shin utilize the term Yeshkun for the Boorish.

Both Thums are still tended to as Soori, as a title of regard. This has all the earmarks of being the same [in meaning] as Sri, an epithet of Lakshmi, the Hindoo goddess of riches, regularly prefixed to the names of Hindoo rulers in India, to signify their respect and thriving.