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By | February 7, 2017

Itis integrated by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. The state circumscribed the Gilgit Agency toward the south, the previous regal condition of Nagar toward the east. The state capital was the town of Baltit (otherwise called Karimabad), and its old settlement is Ganish Village.

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Hunza was a free territory for over 900 years. The British picked up control of Hunza and the neighboring valley of Nagar in the vicinity of 1889 and 1892 took after by a military engagement of extreme power. The then Thom (Prince) Mir Safdar Ali Khan of Hunza fled to Kashghar in China and looked for what can be called political refuge.

Albeit never controlled straightforwardly by neighboring Kashmir, Hunza was a vassal of Kashmir from the season of Maharaja Ranbir Singh of Jammu and Kashmir. The Mirs of Hunza sent a yearly tribute to the Kashmir Durbar until 1947, and alongside the leader of Nagar, was thought to be among the most faithful vassals of the Maharaja of Kashmir[citation needed].

To start with Muslim Thum The decision group of Hunza is called Ayeshe (grand), from the accompanying condition. The two conditions of Hunza and Nager were once in the past one, controlled by a branch of the Shahreis, the decision group of Gilgit, whose seat of government was Nager.