What Happened to Kadar Khan

By | December 22, 2016

Christ will be downgraded from his God-like status to that of a prophet like Mohammad which is the way Muslims have confidence in Christ. This, apparently, may prompt to a nearer participation between the adherents of the two noteworthy profound divisions. Such participation, more probable, will involve survival since the world, especially propel social orders, would look for a sensible and legitimized respond in due order regarding their otherworldly convictions assuming any.

These are principal questions. Individuals will search for judicious and palatable, if not ascertainable, solutions for their profound duties amid this century. As these inquiries are addressed one by one through pursuit and research, we will confront gigantic monetary and social changes.

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It, unquestionably, won’t legitimize the survival of Capitalism, neither would those of communism, socialism or other winning belief systems. Another otherworldly reasoning, instead of a religion, will develop. Its standards will be founded on logical research, examination, and legitimization.

It will incorporate the idea of the Creator, the Universe, the human life, its motivation and meaning and the entire societal framework. Tyranny whether profound, political, social or financial will be all around disdained. Individuals will make progress toward an essence of genuine majority rule government with balance of chance accessible to all in each parts of the societal life.