Heart breaking story

By | January 2, 2017

God cut in stone, “Don’t Murder”, and “Don’t bear false observer against individuals” by calling them Devils to be dreaded and loathed and slaughtered in light of the fact that they are not in your gathering, and “Don’t disrespect God’s name and sign it to your own feelings of trepidation and abhorrences.” We are the ones who have covered the Word of our own God in the sand, since we thought we knew better.

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We weren’t right and soon every country will see exactly how off-base. It will be boundlessly more regrettable than your more awful bad dream unless we as a whole take a stand in opposition to detest and war and lies starting right at this point. Every one of us are mixes of good and abhorrence, regardless of what our religion. You realize that. Utilize your own psyche to think now, and utilize your own particular mouth and pen and console and attracting cushion to sparkle the light on and end scorn at this moment.

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The word Armageddon strikes fear into the most boldest of men, as a result of its unfavorable significance, about the apocalypse. There are numerous that laugh at the very words in sacred writing that cover the fight. In any case, they will reply to a wrathful God for their irregularity’s in the sacred writing.

Why should we fear this word, since it not only a word but rather an occasion of such size that it will shake the entire world directly down to its knees.

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