Heart breaking story

By | January 2, 2017

In the best incongruity ever, the guide out of this chaos is contained appropriate in your Holy Bibles and it has been directly in front of you for a long time. On the off chance that you might want a gander at it, and the path for us to make Peace on Earth everlastingly and spare the world, then investigate The Temple of Love – The World Peace Religion; that is whether you can enjoy a short reprieve far from your comic books to spare life on Earth from eradication at human delivers the precise not so distant future. What you unquestionably require slightest right now is a restriction on individuals talking up against scorn.

This would simply permit the scorn to metastasize until life on Earth is no more. The contempt must be removed, and it must be removed at this point. It really is great to despise detest, and to stand in opposition to it and parody it. This is the means by which we accomplish opportunity from scorn which prompts to genocide and our annihilation.

Contempt + Hunger + Nuclear Bombs = Extinction. The best way to get an alternate Total is to change the Terms of the condition. On the off chance that you boycott standing up against disdain regardless of where it dwells and abandon it unchallenged, then it will spread until you are no more. The best way to end loathe is for individuals to sparkle the light on it and stand up against it, saying that it must be supplanted by Peace and Love with the goal for us to get by in a Nuclear Age.

War has turned out to be out of date. It does not work anymore. Atomic World War III will have no survivors. Our exclusive way out is through World Peace and this will never be accomplished by covering our heads in the sand like ostriches so that nobody can see us for the contemptuous individuals we are who have marked our own particular bigot abhorrences “God”.