Hit By Lightning

By | July 1, 2017

Being struck by lightning can have a profound effect on the body but in other ways than you might think.”Lots of things happen to the body [when struck by lightning]. It really depends how you’re struck,” said Dr. David Claypool, a staff physician at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

“What happens really depends on how much force you take, whether directly or indirectly,” he said.
A direct lightning strike is when the bolt of lightning comes down from the sky directly into a person’s body. An indirect strike occurs when the person catches the shock from a secondary source, like when standing under a tree or a pavilion.

The effects on the body can vary. Eyesight or hearing may be adversely affected, Claypool said, due to the loud clap of the thunder and the bright flash from the lightning. A person could be temporarily blinded or rupture an eardrum.
Additionally, the heart could go into cardiac arrest. If a person is unresponsive after being struck, it’s urgent they get CPR immediately.

Often, the lightning can cause respiratory arrest, and the impacted person can have an oxygen-related injury from not breathing.”So even if it doesn’t injure you directly, it can have long-term effects from those injuries,” he said.
Outside of internal injuries, the heat could cause serious burns through the body, the doctor said.

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