Horrible accident in India

By | January 21, 2017

Since the religions winning in the non-Muslim Societies are not good with current science, these social orders can’t take after both. In spite of the fact that it is never pronounced, Science and Technology is the religion being honed today in entire world aside from the Muslim nations. Because of various advantages of logical revelations and creations, individual has now a more grounded confidence in science than in religion.

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Thus the non-Muslim social orders are turning out to be more common step by step. Since we can’t live and advance without science and innovation, the greater part of the Muslim nations attempted to take after the mainstream science demonstrate however fizzled. Turkey and Japan began nearly in the meantime. Following a century, Japan turned into the wealthiest country while Turkey is not by any means considered a created country however it is inside the created Europe and has a great deal more human and material assets than Japan.

The same is valid for Pakistan and India. With all endeavors Pakistan can’t accomplish the mechanical objectives which Indians are accomplishing effectively. Yes! There are outer elements like support to the mainstream social orders from the West however there is a distinct inner inherent cause. Furthermore, it is non other than the instructive arrangement of the Islamic World. From the early stage a Muslim tyke is told by his folks and religious educators that Islam is a genuine religion and we can’t have an effective existence without taking after Islam.

At the point when the youngster develops he learns mainstream science in such establishments which don’t have any Islamic association. The Muslim youth understands that the mainstream social orders are the most created while Islamic social orders are the minimum created. Muslim youth is presently befuddled. He wouldn’t like to deny Islam however his confidence gets weaker and we