By | January 25, 2017

Psychological warfare is an exceptionally questionable, issue in contemporary worldwide issues. It is considered as a danger to worldwide peace, security, and advancement particularly in the outcome of 9/11. The Sep.11 2001 assaults on the United States brought the consideration of the whole world group towards the worldwide marvel, Terrorism, and made Osama Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda organize the point of convergence of world consideration. The Jihadist development, be that as it may, is much bigger than Bin Laden and his

Al Qaeda organize. Jihadist bunches prosper all through the world, plotting savagery and powering common agitation at whatever point the open door presents itself. Common clashes in Palestine, Chechnya, Kashmir, Kosova, Bosnia, the Philippines, and somewhere else have all been penetrated by Jihadist gathering of some frame.

Western nations, particularly the USA, saw Southeast Asia is rising as the most imperative community for Islamic fear mongering outside of the Arab East. The presence of universal fear based oppressor aggregate and their supporters in Southeast Asia is distinguished as a danger to both provincial steadiness and to the fulfillment of focal U.S. approach objectives (CRS Report, 2008).

London based International Institute for Strategic Studies, one of Britain’s driving research organizations, has cautioned that Al Qaeda holds the capacity to “arrange and co-ordinate expansive scale assaults in the Western world” as appeared by the disclosure of fear plots in Europe and somewhere else.