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By | December 24, 2016

As Iraq drops ever more profound into brutality and turmoil, as “Islamic” radicals assume control over the nation, as Christians keep on fleeing by the thousand, and as the nation keeps sliding nearer and nearer to undeniable common war, some are requiring a constrained US military intercession in the nation. The individuals who bolster such a move have not scholarly the lessons of past US military activity in Iraq. Lamentably, it was the US-drove attack of Iraq in 2003 that set the phase for what we are seeing unfurl now in that old and notable nation. A reestablished US military nearness in Iraq won’t enhance the circumstance.

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As I bring up in my book America’s Back-Door Enemy, back in late 2002 and mid 2003, Pope Saint John Paul II, alongside Catholic religious administrators in both the US and Iraq, cautioned that a military intrusion of Iraq would have unsuitable results for the non military personnel populace of that nation and for the solidness of the entire district.

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In particular, Saint John Paul anticipated that a war with Iraq and the expulsion of Saddam Hussein from power would prompt to a mass departure of Christians from the nation; would leave a power vacuum to be filled by brutal “Islamic” fundamentalists; would prompt to common war; and would destabilize the whole Middle East.

I am not defending or pardoning any of the abominations that the tyrant Saddam Hussein conferred against his own particular individuals. I am just saying that abandoning him in power would have been the lesser of two shades of malice, and bringing up that our Pope and ministers had great explanations behind contradicting the option of war which the Bush organization shockingly completed.

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