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By | January 1, 2017

In the main section, the presentation, he distinguishes two noteworthy issues which are confronting Christian most profound sense of being in Nigeria. The first is debasement which has infiltrated each level of society. The author considers both Christians and Muslims mindful. The second, Christian-Muslim relations, is the subject of the book. On the off chance that defilement has trashed Nigeria, Boer contends that Christian-Muslim relations have bothered it.

The embodiment of his message to Christians and Muslims is individually wholism and pluralism. Christians need to atone of their teases with the dialect and ideas of secularism in a situation imparted to Muslims and move far from it by building up a more exhaustive perspective. Muslims, then again, need to upgrade their feeling of pluralism. Nigeria is presently set apart by a pluralistic circumstance that no longer permits the mastery of one religion over every one of the general population.

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Changes from both conventional religions to Islam and Christianity have delivered a Christian people group that at any rate numerically equivalent to that of Islam. Such a circumstance calls for new between religious connections. Both religions need to influence changes in mentality towards each other. They have to move from threatening vibe to regard.

Boer talks about the Kuyperian viewpoint which is frequently alluded to as Neo-Calvinism/Kuyperianism. Kuyper’s’ type of pluralism would take into consideration the free improvement of every single world view all alone terms and not really characterized by secularism.