The incident that took place inside the mosque

By | December 29, 2016

While no physical proof has been found for its claims the truths are that individuals mentally conditioned into it at a youthful age are debilitated with damnation in the event that they look outside the religion for clarity. These two legendary spots shape an impeccable trap. On the off chance that one complies with the congregation laws they are to be compensated in heaven for their ‘confidence’. Be that as it may, on the off chance that they defy and disregard the ministers they will smolder always in everlasting flame.

This is the twisting that conceded religions conceived of Islam the ability to manage the world. Constantine restored the Mother God of Babylon, Mary, in the congregation as the Mother of God and he designed Jesus Christ as her child. The religion is impelled by her as its central god and her 5-point star sits on the banner of Islam and other a considerable lot of the significant organizations that make up the World Order.

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In 1947 when the condition of Pakistan was made, Mohammed Ali Jinnah the principal Governor General of Pakistan made an extensive discourse. He said that the state was not worried with religion, which was a private undertaking of the individual concerned. He additionally went ahead to include that Hindus, Sikhs, Christians were allowed to rehearse their religion and the state would just oversee and not meddle in their own convictions. In any case, this was quite a while back and progressive Pakistan rulers have weakened the thoughts of Jinnah and introduced an Islamic administration where the minorities are under attack.

Jinnah was a government official. The truth of the matter is he embraced the two country hypothesis for a different country for the Muslims. In any case, with the separating of a stone monument Muslim state as imagined by Jinnah and the production of Bangladesh, this idea was pulverized. Also the reality remains that the making of Pakistan did not help more than 150 million Muslims left in India to advance the fantasy of Jinnah.