Indian Boy with Weird

By | November 26, 2016

Islamic theological rationalists continue letting us know that the religion of Islam is a kind, tolerante and tranquil religion. Each time a lady is stoned or somebody is decapitated or a manslaughter aircraft explodes a transport or eatery loaded with blameless individuals, we are informed that it is the work of Islamic aficionados and that genuine devotees of Islam don’t concur with these things.

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Presently we discover that in Afganistan, a nation that is 99% Muslim, a man is being attempted under Sharia (Islamic law) for abandonment, and if indicted, will confront capital punishment.What did this man do that was so unpleasant, so against the Islamic confidence.

He changed over to Christianity, that is the repulsive thing that he did. This is clearly one of the most exceedingly awful things a Muslim can do. He surrendered the Islamic confidence and in this way is evil to the point that he should be killed. He can be saved, nonetheless, in the event that he consents to end up a Muslim once more.

The Hadith (which is said to be the assemblage of quotes ascribed to Muhammad), Sahih Bukhari Vol. 9, book 84, number 57, has been deciphered as saying “Slaughter whoever changes his religion”, so the Sharia court judge is proposing to do only that.