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By | January 8, 2017

The religion was set up by Constantine in 325, and he was Islamic in his religious convictions. That is the situation as he was dropped from the Amor who possessed Babylon. Their viciousness and mercilessness is recorded in antiquated writings from the Mesopotamia locales where they surpassed countries and oppressed those whom they didn’t kill.

The city states were led by lords who were so fiercely managed that many were dragged behind chariots before being killed. The Roman realm worked by the Amor, who were presently called Romans, (Roma is invert of Amor), saw the oust of the greater part of the known world and they were subjected to the religion of Constantine. His declarations guaranteed torment, outcast, and murder for the individuals who declined to acknowledge it.

Disclosure 13:12-18 plainly expresses that it was he who developed Jesus Christ and constrained everybody to love it. The mystery, fierceness, dangerous assaults, and lies place over for the sake of the religion is a declaration to how much the Church has occupied with to shield its beginning from being found.

The Spirit, be that as it may, knows it all and dreams demonstrated to me where to go to discover the proof to pronounce that this association is at the heart of all the fear mongering that has been forced on the world. The Vatican, which Constantine fabricated, requested Augustine to begin the Muslim branch of it with the goal that validity would stream back to itself.