Indian girls insults a police officer

By | January 3, 2017

Prior to the day at last finishes the world will experience huge change. In vision after vision it was appeared to me until the torment of watching it was an excess of and I asked for them to stop. That was in the mid 1980’s and now it is all coming to fruition as it was appeared to me. The way that it could be indicated implies that it is all in the arrangement of God and that there is a noteworthy debate going on that couldn’t be speculated.

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Religions have countries tied up and they are not generally establishments intended to convey individuals to God. They incorporate frameworks of government and consolidate each country, including those of socialism, majority rule government, and tyranny.

The learning given to me took after my resurrection and familiarity with the genuine God, the Great Creative Spirit of the Universe. It is the main God and it laid out a way for the otherworldly individuals to take after. It put a hindrance in their way and the individuals who stumbled over it have fallen for the fake divine beings set up by religious bodies (Isaiah 8:14).

The head of these in the west is Jesus Christ, set up by Constantine who set up the Catholic Church in light of his Islamic standards. He was an Amorite and they occupied Babylon, the home of Islam before it was taken to the world. They were severe creature like savages who assaulted, looted, tormented and killed the resistors as they constructed a colossal realm in the Mesopotamian area.