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By | January 26, 2017

From such unsettling, our development for autonomy had been grabbed the pace step by step. From such point, obviously after the rise of Bangladesh such profile of economy either Micro or Macro has been accomplished because of dynamic mediation of our kin in various parts of improvement. This character whatever we gangs were unrealistic if 21st February was not made to counter the oppressive blast of the then leaders of Pakistan.

What’s more, thusly, in this day some youthful people of our nation have announced unstoppable development to make encounter against the intrigue of our first language. They have strengthened the development by degrees and being polemical, the then rulers have attacked them and at last they had shot them dead. This is such a development where our saints have set out their lives for the reason for pride of our primary language. In the entire world, such unparalleled development has never been occurred.

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Like every year, this year has completed this day with due solemn state of mind and unmistakable quality and all things considered we praise this day with respect as indicated by the legacy of the nation. This day is blended with our Independence Day as though it is blended with our blood and bone. The legends who have set out their lives for the reason for our equity, freedom and national renown of our nation should remain ever vital to us.

Bangladesh appeared as a free state in 1971 from the new of the development of 21st February. The development spread as across the nation unsettling and there is undoubtedly our monetary profile has been thriving step by step and we can state that the 21st February is a point of reference of our financial success and political association in the measurement of Bangladesh on the planet outline.