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By | January 26, 2017

There is no denying the way that ever, the three ordered occasions are well thoroughly considered to raise our heads worldwide as the residents of a free country in all divisions of advancement. After a long and sublime development for nine months; our country’s transcendence and respect has symbolized our development of economy, social and social feeling in her experience to be risen as a free state. As I would like to think, other than Liberation War and 21st February, Nobel Peace Prize granting occasion has likewise supported the esteem and high respect of our nation all through the world.

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Such unparalleled recorded occasion has undeniably opened up the momentous of Bangladesh in regard of our history, topography, money related framework, convention, legacy and ethnicity and accordingly we are standing out to develop our assets so we can expect more Nobel laureate connoting history for humankind. The three recorded occasions are: the 21st February symbolizing the esteem and respect of our primary language, Liberation War imagining our development as a resident of a free nation lastly, Grameen Bank Project established by Dr Younus has involved an extraordinary off-planet to reduce neediness and the sufferings of individuals.

Suffice it to state that the development of 21st February was a call for reclamation of majority rule government for which the non-co-operation developments with the then rulers have been declared step by step to accomplish freedom as an extreme target. Because of the reality, it was not just their sole yearning to make Urdu as a state dialect additionally there were many explanations for it which might be reflected as Political and instructive animosity, to contaminate Socio-monetary condition, to dirty social and conventional undertakings, to involve imposing business models.

over exchange and trade, to disable individuals under commitment towards accommodation, to outperform the general population under tyrannous exhaustion and so forth and thus as to temperate viewpoints in like manner life, the products which were created by our meticulous individuals from our property and processing plants were taken toward the West Pakistan and valued economically in that land however it was exorbitant to us to devour.