Indian ladki ka hungama

By | January 3, 2017

Nancy is one of those left-wing academicians, a lion’s share at American colleges, living in the realm of pretend, declining to face reality- – Muslims have transparently announced war on the United States.

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Nancy, would you feel the same had you been in that gathering room? Would your brazen radicalism be so proclaimed if those Muslim fear mongers had mercilessly slaughtered your significant other, your kid? Would you, Nancy? I think not!

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Nancy is a cutting edge Nero- – fiddling ceaselessly as our nation’s natives are gunned down. Lost in her tune of kumbaya, feeling safe in her fortress, New York University School of Law, every other person be condemned.

“Not all Muslims are fear based oppressors!” you say. Maybe not, but rather the individuals who aren’t in the real ISIS armed force feel for them, as it were, and are not genuinely our companions and partners on the planet – and particularly not in the war on fear mongering.

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