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By | December 14, 2016

While it is a religious term for something consecrated it is in actuality got from sun love and the sun-star of Babylon and the religion of Islam. My resurrection demonstrates that paradise and damnation are non-existent and my connection to the Spirit of the Universe prompted to it charging me to evacuate the mass of visual impairment that began with it. To comprehend the importance of how it came above dreams and different things were appeared to me.

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In one such vision the rising sun sent its beams through a little gap in a stone that a gathering of individuals were confronting on a slope best. They were awestruck when the light scattered and the ceaselessly moving rings of beautiful examples developed. The privilege calculated cross structures in the focal point of it. This was the ‘gap’s eye’ (contracted to blessed) and the picture made was called “Mari” or “Mary” which signifies ‘mother’s intense eye’.

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It is a name given to the following capital of the Amors who initially possessed Babylon. They manufactured Roma (turn around Amor) and Constantine, a relative and an Islamic admirer, made the Catholic Church and the purported Savior, Jesus Christ. This was the begin of Christianity and it was 325.

Jerome, who took after later, assembled and incompletely composed the New Testament which contains Church laws not known in advance. He took the request of administration; timetable; celebrations; and different things from the Imperial Islamic Church and utilized them t convey request to the religion of Constantine.

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