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By | January 1, 2017

The require an African philosophy ought to disregard these components. Moreover, the sources; from which Africans have encountered the marvel of the god will contribute a great deal to the statement of any religious philosophy that may follow. There is dependably the difficulty of an “out of the blues” religious philosophy since Christianity in its quintessence is an authentic religion.

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The wellsprings of African Theology however not worthy in some Christian quarters are vital in doing philosophy.

Omasogie says, before and including the medieval period when Christian made its mark in Europe, there was no significant issue in tolerating the truth of the otherworldly domain.

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Under such an air it was anything but difficult to detect the nearness of God in nature and to symbolize that nearness in the utilization of material components, which were viewed as solid tokens of his presence.1In basic terms, nature served as a brilliant calculate appreciating to some degree the Supreme being.

There is the same thought in this point of view with respects pre Christian Africa. Whatever dialogs or assessments were made of the Supreme being, were by temperance of watching nature and its exercises without any composed sacred text about God and creation. Accordingly, there are an assortment of stories in African conventional religion about God, creation, man, and so forth.

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