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By | November 30, 2016

This is one of the immense mysteries of the Catholic Church that the Roman Empire was under the religion of Islam. It came to be on the grounds that the Amors, who involved Babylon and were Islamic by nature and religion, manufactured Roma (switch Amor). This happened after their second capital city, Mary, was pulverized by seismic tremor. With regards to custom Rome was likewise based on seven slopes. Concealing this a portion of their legacy likewise shrouded the way that the religion depends on the same Islamic framework.

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Islam venerate the sun as the central god. The sun-star is shaped when light went through an opening, for example, a gap in a stone or cardboard, et cetera, scatters into the rings of never-ending rainbow shaded development that to the primitive personality was marvelous. This brought the sun inside their domain and they could bathe in its hover framed on the ground as the spot-light.

The opening or gap offered ascend to ‘gap’s eye’ and the expression “heavenly” and things thought to be sacred were identified with the sun-god. That is the reason the corona or ring of light is painted over the heads of holy people and divine beings. Individuals assembled at sunrise to love this picture as it was appeared to me in a dream.

After my resurrection and with a solid connection to the Spirit I was charged to ‘tear down the mass of houses of worship and bring back the youthful.’ As a major aspect of the expectation to absorb information to finish that employment numerous dreams and demands were made of me and the divider was over and over appeared as the obstruction that was set up to stop individuals finding the Spirit before the end of the day, the time we are currently in.’