What Islam says about soul and body

By | December 4, 2016

My enthusiasm for these things began practically from birth on account of the memory of my rebirth. Other than the distinctive dialect to my folks, which remained with me for somewhere in the range of eight years, the solid profound connection driving and coordinating my way through this life has a vocation for me to do.

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Between lives a dream was appeared to me of my next life. It was depicted as a line drawn out into the separation along which dates were noted. The age of 45 was especially exceptional. A month or so past that birthday the Spirit happened upon me with such power that it was difficult to move a muscle and the primary commissions were given. They are to tear down the mass of holy places, go out to the general population and bring back the youthful.

Three speedy dreams took after which demonstrated my face on a screen like the one you are perusing. It was 1984 and at that stage the Internet was scarcely a reality. It is through that medium, nonetheless, that my work is being finished.

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Gradually, a tiny bit at a time and as per predictions in the Old Testament (Isaiah 28:9-11), the fact of the matter is being discharged and the mass of chapels is presently prepared to fall. It is the hindrance between God’s kin and reality.

The divider was appeared to me in a dream as being too high to move over, too wide to go around and too profound to tunnel under. So in what capacity would I be able to, an elderly woman, accomplish what God has set out for me to do? The answers came thick and quick to demonstrate to me the birthplace of it in the profundity of ancient history and its consequent spread worldwide through the conveyance of religious philosophies that such a variety of feel headed to cause on others. My age doesn’t matter to my capacity to think or sort and discharge the data.