What Islam says about soul and body

By | December 4, 2016

That is a major proclamation and difficult to demonstrate on the off chance that it were not for my otherworldly knowledge and learning. Taking after my rebirth and section to new life in another body information accompanied me. Conceived with an alternate dialect to my folks and an attention to the world from my introduction to the world most will be killed by that confirmation. Reality of it is demonstrated by the things the Spirit has driven me to do.

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There are no such places as paradise and hellfire and nor are there creatures like holy messengers, fiends or holy people. These are negligible props to get individuals in and to advance riddles that can’t be settled unless knowledge into their inceptions is expected. To discover their foundations the Spirit took me back and allowed me aptitudes to peruse the past like a book. Each solid we express has been utilized before to make letters in order and dialect identified with how we think and the subject of those considerations.


Genealogical primates started their heavenly experience through the sun and love of it. Things in nature that are effective, continually changing and astounding in character and setting turned into their divine beings. Names for them created from the principal hints of discourse and reasoning was conceived.

Abraham is an allegory for the old religious routine of sun love and this offered ascend to the ceremonies and convictions of all societies. Prehistoric studies demonstrates that from the main social turn offs convictions passed on from precursors stayed stable. Anthropological reviews verify that what was formed into philosophical religious contemplations thousands and perhaps a huge number of years prior stay with us today. The certainties are that it’s not the divine beings that have changed but rather the ways they are worshiped.