Junaid Jamshed’s Last Voice Message

By | December 8, 2016

The religion he “doctored” is the Catholic Church that was set up in 325 AD by Constantine, a fierce head of the Roman Empire. Their point was to catch individuals by the divine beings they displayed and to have them comply with the law. There was no considered anybody having an association with God and on the off chance that somebody did and questioned what they did they were killed. This is the manner by which Christianity began and it is the same to Isil today.

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The Roman Empire was the home of fear mongering, assume control, control and power. The foundation of the general population was the Amors of Babylon. They are the originators of the initially sorted out religion known as Zoro Aster or Morning Star. They were otherwise called the Persians and their domain was colossal. It took in all of Mesopotamia and when they spread into the Mediterranean that built up their new capital, Roma (turn around Amor).

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Their dialect was Persian, Greek, and Aramaic and their main god was Mary, the sun-star, spoke to as the 5-point star on the banner of Islam. Yes, they were Islamic and they never adjusted their divine beings, their religion, or their ways.

Constantine was one of them and his motivation was sole decide over the domain that had developed so expansive it had required 5 Caesars to run it. His objective, in any case, was sole administer and he controlled his approach to accomplish it. Indeed, even Crispus, his eldest child, succumbed to his psychological oppression when he was killed on his dad’s requests only a year prior to the religion appeared.