Junaid Jamshed’s Last Voice Message

By | December 8, 2016

In Babylon the name of the sun was Mary, which signifies ‘mother’s effective eye’ and it is this that is spoken to by the star image. It was additionally the name of a city possessed by the Amors in Syria as they are Assyrian in beginning. Isaiah 14:13-19 is a depiction of Constantine and his longing to accomplish control over that of God. He utilized paradise and damnation as weapons to do it. Verse 24 expresses that “damnation from underneath is moved… to meet thee at thy coming.”

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At the end of the day, the Spirit is cautioning that damnation is the objective of everybody conceived and just through the religion of Constantine was it intended to be abrogated. It is the way the trap to get everybody in it was set and why infants are exhibited to be absolved, circumcised, or acknowledged into the religion through the guardians.

Rebirth demonstrates that there are no such places as paradise or hellfire and my memory of it affirms it. Millions have memory of section from life to life and an expanding number are currently examining it. That is on account of everybody has returned. They are figuring out how they were duped and bamboozled by the sun-star, Mary, that Constantine put into his religion as the Mother of God.

He is additionally in charge of the picture of Jesus Christ, as affirmed in Revelation 13:12-18 where he is recognized as 666. The Vatican which he worked as a parliament to control his realm began the Muslim branch of it in the last days of the fourth CAD. Augustine was delegated to bring it into reality and he did as such through a parishioner named Mohammed.