karachi kay samndr say dil dihla dinay wali chez

By | February 6, 2017

The day got to be distinctly essential and prominent simply after the fall of Dhaka, an advancement that brought the two country hypothesis under question and genuinely tested the very premise of the belief system of Pakistan. At that point, the decision classes of Pakistan utilized a wide range of techniques to legitimize the idea of the two country hypothesis. One stage taken in this heading was the choice to begin formally observing March 23 as Pakistan Day. The thought process behind commending nowadays is not to make individuals aware of history but rather to mix a feeling of false patriotism.

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The festivals are not for the advantages of the general population but rather for the soundness of the degenerate and wasteful decision class.What happens when two commended sportspersons, one playing for India while the other playing for Pakistan, experience passionate feelings for and choose to get married and be lawfully called a couple? You definitely will have scores of fans and the overall population saluting the two sportspersons and wishing them a lucky trinket for a cheerful wedded life.

On the other hand, there are areas of society and political gatherings who stigmatize the couple for considering wedding a man from an adversary nation, particularly in the present situation when strains are blending amongst India and Pakistan….eventually politicizing a straightforward romantic tale between a young man and a young lady.

Presently how about we add some zest to the story by presenting an obscure Muslim young lady, a self-admitted measure 10, who appears unexpectedly and claims that she is hitched to the Pakistani sportsman and come tempest or-rain.