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By | January 16, 2017

That is the means by which Korea was isolated into two wings i.e. north and south; in light of the distinctions made after Second World War. Likewise, when we concentrate the historical backdrop of the Pakistan; we become more acquainted with that she was made on the premise of religion. However, today we find everything in the Pakistan: with the exception of the religion; for which a huge number of Muslim yielded their lives.

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Ethically we are remaining at the highest point of the debasement. From peon to President, we have the most screwy individuals chipping away at profoundly respectable and delicate posts. In spite of the fact that our history is brimming with false government official and armed force officers; yet few names are shimmering like the stars coming soon; and, the name of General Yahya Khan will dependably be taken as the primary pioneer of such kind.

Anthony Hyman writes in his book “Pakistan, Zia and after…” that: “The second Pakistani president general Yahya khan was a substantial consumer who before assuming control from Ayub khan was a customary guest to the Pindi club, the most well known club for the British officers of the northern summon under the Raj” (Anthony Hyman el at: 1989).

The tallness of deadness of the Pakistani individuals is that they don’t trouble; their identity going to give the sacrosanct obligation of government; the general population like Asif Ali Zardari and Musharaf who are far from Islam; as well as blamed for a large number of debasement allegations.