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By | November 25, 2016

One day, in passing, I specified to him that the U.S. Mystery Service was procuring new specialists, and he inquired as to whether I would give a proposal to him. So I then inquired as to whether he was conceived in the United States, and he said no; that he had been conceived in Pakisatn and had been naturalized a U.S. Resident a few years prior. I then inquired as to whether he was Muslim, and he said yes.

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At that point I made the vital inquiry. Do you trust in the act of sharia law? What’s more, without delaying, he answered that he did. I then disclosed to him that sharia law was the correct inverse of popular government and opportunity, what he had vowed to maintain in the U.S. Constitution as a recently naturalized U.S. resident; and, that, on the off chance that he didn’t generally bolster the U.S. Constitution, I couldn’t suggest him for any administration work. By then in our exchange, he quit grinning and dismissed maddeningly from me. Right up ’til the present time, he has never grinned, or talked, to me again.

To this youthful, strapping Muslim, I had likely turned into the educated heathen, who had come to understand that every single earnest Islamist, who have completely submitted themselves to Islamic law, as instructed in the Koran by Mohammed, are committed to, either, make all unbelievers (Christians, Jews, and all non-Muslims) submit to Islamic law or to murder them. This sounds grave, however there is no other approach to depict Islam than by saying that it is a religion of scorn and brutality.

Most of the Christians, who have acknowledged the announcements of Islamic ministers (who have been naturalized or conceived in the U.S.) that Islam is a religion of peace and love, have not, themselves, read the Koran. Ninety-five percent of the considerable number of verses of the Koran urge every single commendable Muslim to do everything they can to ruin the lives of heathens, and urge devoted Muslims to grasp, and practice, the fifth basic mainstay of Islam, which is sacred jihad, or blessed war.