Kutto ka Uraat per Hamla

By | December 21, 2016

Who is Isa Al-Masih? You are an informed man, and you know the reply. You are executing your “cousins.” The Christians are not your foe, and we ought to put the past behind us, for the shared advantage of humanity. Judaism, Christianity and Islam, have sacrosanct ties, so why keep the flames of despise going?

You have by and by regulated the murdering of Iraqi kids by suicide planes and auto bombs. What have these Moslem youngsters ever done to you?

Video Link  : http://iviralvids.com/kutto-ka-uraat-per-hamla/

Allowed you and I are not a similar religion, but rather why do fundamentalists, of various types, attempt to wreck everything, they don’t get it? A religious fundamentalist is the same, whether he is a Christian, a Moslem, or a Jew, every one of them drink from the same “wellspring of loathe.”

With respect to the nearness of Western troopers in “your properties.” By your activities, you have incited them, when, by your life of benefit, you were in a key position to arrange. Presently, you can’t raise your head from your give in without pondering professional killers, around each corner. You should carry on with your life as an untouchable.