Kutto ka Uraat per Hamla

By | December 21, 2016

You say, you need to help the Palestinians, yet the greater part of regardless them battle in neediness. How are you helping anybody? Having been naturally introduced to a favored life, you utilize your riches toward death, demolition, division, and distress.

Here is a well-known adage for you to consider: “Give a man a fish, you have nourished him for now. Educate a man to fish, and you have bolstered him for a lifetime.” How are you helping the general population of the Middle East, figure out how to help themselves, with your a large number of dollars?

You have squandered your cash, and time, on a message of loathe. It is anything but difficult to induce youngsters with the message of narrow mindedness and viciousness. What a disgrace, when you think about every one of the general population you could have made a difference

You could have helped the Palestinian Red Crescent or Iraqi Red Crescent. God knows, they require all the help they can get. Coincidentally, God and Allah are the same Supreme Being.