Last moment of life of a hafiz

By | January 22, 2017

In the expressions of Thomas Hogkins “In this regard, the upset was a mistreatment if not of Fulani patriotism at any rate of the feeling of basic reason which a gathering with falsehoods is instruction, culture and belief system and in addition dialect and majesty is obligated to generable”.

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The cognizance of racial character is additionally clear in the alert which Usman Dan Fodio practiced in arrangement of his banner bearers and Emirs. It is worth to note that of all the fourteen banner bearers, just Yaqub of Bauchi was not a Fulani. (See Appendix)The Emir of Sokoto turned into the religious and in addition the political leader of the Fulani Empire, and he was an immediate relative of Usman Dan Fodio.

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