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By | December 14, 2016

Rebirth demonstrates that there are no such places as paradise or hellfire and my memory of it affirms it. Millions have memory of entry from life to life and an expanding number are currently talking about it. That is on the grounds that everybody has returned. They are figuring out how they were duped and duped by the sun-star, Mary, that Constantine put into his religion as the Mother of God.

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He is likewise in charge of the picture of Jesus Christ, as affirmed in Revelation 13:12-18 where he is recognized as 666. The Vatican which he worked as a parliament to control his realm began the Muslim branch of it in the last days of the fourth CAD. Augustine was delegated to bring it into reality and he did as such through a parishioner named Mohammed.

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The religion he “doctored” is the Catholic Church that was built up in 325 AD by Constantine, a fierce head of the Roman Empire. Their point was to catch individuals by the divine beings they displayed and to have them comply with the law. There was no considered anybody having an association with God and on the off chance that somebody did and protested what they did they were killed. This is the way Christianity began and it is the same to Isil today.

The Roman Empire was the home of fear mongering, assume control, control and power. The foundation of the general population was the Amors of Babylon. They are the originators of the initially composed religion known as Zoro Aster or Morning Star.