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By | December 26, 2016

After my resurrection and learning of the Spirit of the Universe, the main genuine God, my enthusiasm has been to analyze and recognize the wellspring of religious culture and this was situated in Babylon. This city is the first home of Islam. This is one element that has been secured over and data covered behind a mass of huge extent to ensure the religions conceived of it.

At the age appeared to me between lives the Spirit authorized me to tear down that divider and uncover its underlying foundations. It gave me the character of the two mammoths who are in charge of it. The first is Mary, a term that signifies ‘mother’s effective eye’, and it is the sun-star that structures when light goes through a question and scatters into the eminent rings of moving shading. Fundamental to it is the privilege calculated cross.

The second monster is Constantine who is plummeted from the Amor who possessed Babylon and manufactured the Persian Empire. This huge assume control of countries empowered them to spread their Islamic routes all through the then known world. They fabricated Roma (turn around Amor) and are included in antiquated content from the Assyrian locales as fierce, creature like in their treatment of others, and savage killers.

The Roman domain proceeded similarly, however as they had the high ground in how things were recorded, their prior history was pushed aside and the new religion of Constantine, the Catholic Church, kept on doing likewise.