By | December 28, 2016

At home in his theme’s environment, History-Geography Professor and creator Dailey makes his home in Bethlehem, Israel; he endeavors to connect current desires with his impression of first century satisfaction! Along these lines, he compliments Revelation’s incredible Armageddon to a ‘future world end.’

Dr. Dailey describes his experience as a West Bank Christian living in the midst of Jewish and Islamic neighbors and powerfully extends to compose a sorry for Islam enthusiasts. In the meantime, he lights up Islam’s journey for world evangelism. Also, strolling a tightrope between prescience acclaim and judgment, the Doctor’s unsafe course tilts toward craving as he endeavors to adjust scripturally exampled ‘propositional truths’ with futurist ‘end time’ projections; from which extractions he shows conventional praise yet without syllogistic assurance.

In introduction, Dailey affirms his scholastic partiality at an early stage; where, he adjusts his own particular otherworldly leanings to conventional renderings yet dispossessed images and numbers plan of action; in this way, he applies a thin perspective toward world end. Counting his better half, Rebecca, as quick prognosticator, Dailey builds up at an opportune time:

“As Christians living and working in Israel, we ‘knew well’ the predictions of the Bible with respect to the skirmish of Armageddon at the end of mankind’s history… Who truly are Gog, Magog and company?… what would we be able to think about the baffling figure known as the Antichrist?”