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By | January 31, 2017

The Assamese speakers slowly felt pushed against the divider in light of the dread psychosis of being transformed into a minority in their own state. Their dread was not unwarranted for it backpedals to Assam being dealt with as an expansion of Bengal and Bengali being made the official dialect. Interestingly Assam was joined in Bengal in 1838 and isolated in 1874. The second time was when Bengal was divided in 1905, Assam was clubbed with East Bengal.

This started various taught Bengalis from Sylhet settling in Assam. That dread of being dwarfed by Bengalis and being looted of their occupations by taught Bengalis have dependably been there at the back of the psyche of Assamese individuals. This dread showed itself frequently in rough upheavals like the Nellie Massacre of 1983 when nearby tribals clubbed to death around 3000 Muslims. The casualties were essentially ladies and kids.

The particular issue of migration in upper east should be contextualized. Due to its geological contiguity, relocation to this part is just the same old thing new. The Britishers urged East Bengal workers to settle down on the decrepit terrains. This approach was proceeded till 1939-1940 under Sir Saadullah’s arrangement of “Develop More Food”. These individuals were for the most part poor Muslims. Amid the common mobs of segment, Muslims on both eastern and western boondocks fled to East and West Pakistan.

Thus their names were not enrolled in the National Register of Citizens which was framed in 1951. It was simply after Nehru-Liaqat Pact of 1952 that these individuals began returning a stream. Some of their names got enlisted in 1961 Voters’ List while others in the 1966 Voters’ List. This expanded the rate of Muslim Voters as most who fled were Muslims. This sudden increment additionally nourished into the dread of a quiet attack by pariahs.