Lion attacks man at home

By | January 2, 2017

Divine force of Mount Sinai otherwise known as God the Father, Allah and Elohim told King David that the world is brimming with impostors and scoffers. (Hymn 1). Once in a while things happen that are horrible to the point that you either need to snicker or cry. On the off chance that you consider what happened objectively it can threaten you and launch you into a universe of incapacitating fears thus you make a joke of it as a mental self preservation component.

The Christians, Muslims and Jews are in no time entangled in a world war against each other prompting to Armageddon since they all consider the general population outside of their gathering to be non adherents despite the fact that they all put stock in God of Mount Sinai. We are soon going to go terminated contending over the genuine name of God of Mount Sinai.

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Individuals require just the flimsiest reasons possible to part into gatherings and execute each other on the grounds that underneath the affected outside in each person there falsehoods a deadly savage. Americans are assaulted every day with news of American warriors being killed in the crossfire of a common war in Iraq between the Shiites and the Sunnis.

One would imagine that these two gatherings were as various as night and day. Truth be told they are all Earthlings made out of air water and earth who are neighbors sharing 66% of the world’s oil who all have faith in Islam, The Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), Allah otherwise known as God of Mount Sinai, the Koran, the Hadith, yearly journeys to Mecca, imploring 5 times each day, Persian supplication mats to hone their putting.