Lion attacks man at home

By | January 2, 2017

So regardless of the possibility that you are apprehensive, O Muhammad, go ahead! You require not fear when you are in a condition of Iman-Islam. You have the beauty of My assurance, the main genuine insurance. I am the special case who can ensure you thusly. The individuals who keep Me as their Protector will never be pulverized by anything on the planet, yet the individuals who don’t look for My will be crushed.

There is a sort of amusingness regularly known as a dismal comical inclination. 1.5 Billion Chinese individuals generally snicker when a man slips and falls. In America we call it droll amusingness when a man ventures on a rake leaving a dugout and the rake eats up and thumps his teeth out. Sex and drama and savagery offer. This is the reason the tale of mankind, “Earthlings” is the most blazing show in the Universe.

Whatever is left of the Universe is dismissing their heads at our adventure which is going to arrive at an end. The written work is on the divider. For whatever length of time that they have the world inside them, they will be annihilated by that world. It is the world which slaughters the world. That is sure. Advise this to your supporters.

“The world does not have a place with you, O Muhammad. You are here to acknowledge Me. That is the reason I demonstrated to you My activities, and that is the reason I made every one of My manifestations and their insider facts.