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By | December 2, 2016

A great deal of men and ladies sitting in vital positions inside the passageways of force regularly affirm for the sake of God and the Holy Quran, that they will serve the country. However once they are chosen or assigned they do a 360 degree somersault and work to do whatever is not legal.

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We are a country where men think that its helpful to murder ladies under the appearance of respect. Is that Islamic? The idea of Karo Kiri is Un-Islamic too but men and families willingly volunteer murder men and ladies who have set out to wed all alone against the will of the families. The Quranic verses recommend lashing of the miscreants, nothing is talked about killing them without hesitating. Subsequently Karo Kiri and killing for the sake of respect are all Un-Islamic but then these practices are permitted inside our general public.

I think that its difficult to accept that youthful and poor ladies who are assaulted by powerful men can’t discover any equity in this alleged Islamic Society. The question is the reason. Rich and persuasive men blameworthy of wrong-doing are ensured by our law. This is not Islam or Islamic law. Poor people and the rich ought to be dealt with in a similar way by the law but then that does not occur inside our purported equity framework.

The Quran talks against intermixing of guys and females. “Dating” is an idea that is against Islam. Be that as it may it is being spread inside our general public as though it is a piece of Islamic culture. It is the initial move towards advancing infidelity in our social orders. Infidelity opens the way to different sins. But the general population stay mum on the subject.