Listen What this Young Lady Has to Say

By | January 15, 2017

The street was hindered by the protestors and none appeared to commend the significant event. Dark banners and mottos were as a rule dryly yelled against the making of Pakistan. It was not a remote locale; this zone was none other than an area of Pakistan’s greatest city and its monetary center point “Karachi”.

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Lyari, a Baloch populated zone held this dissent for their ethnicity in Balochistan.The interest for a different “muhajir”,”siraiki” and “hazara” territory have as of now been listened. Divider chalking in Karachi, which is viewed as the most ideal method for conveying thoughts to the general population, are vociferous with such messages for the masses, a thought for a different muhajir territory. The maker of this thought considers himself the sole illustrative of thousands having a place with his ethnic gathering.

Iqbal Abbasi, a Hazara occupant raises his voice at media discussions:” To safeguard the way of life of “Hazara” we should make a different region.” In our recognized culture and dynamic considering, we are not one or the other “Pathan” nor “Punjabi” and we have lived for quite a while of 63 years, with no particular character.

I emphatically trust that a different region will open the entryway for our kin to serve this country we call Pakistan”. Punjab, the most populated and monetarily entrenched area of Pakistan is being activated with another issue of “Siraiki” territory. All over the place, everybody is battling to safeguard, or rather declare, their own particular character. The possibility of “federalism” purchased in the locale of south-east Asia, by the expressions of Muhammad Ali