What This Little Kid Did In Store

By | January 11, 2017

Be that as it may, they serve him, as indicated by the heading in which they are driven.In Ezekiel 22:25,26 we are recounted the connivance. “Like a thundering lion ravening the prey” they have eaten up the souls of the reliable as well as they stole the fortune of God while making dowagers in their middle.

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Unraveling the significance of these words happened due to the commissions given to me to bring down the divider that isolates individuals from reality of God. It took after my resurrection and learning that there is no paradise or hellfire while fallen angels, heavenly attendants and holy people are only window dressing for religious control of the masses.

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The Spirit took me back to Babylon and to the religious authoritative opinion of that city to comprehend the substance of the divider. What was uncovered was sun-revere and the antiquated Mother God, Mari. The name signifies ‘mother’s capable eye’. It was the eye star that shows up when light goes through an opening and the splendid rings of shaded light show up. They mover continually and vital to them is the privilege calculated cross.

These images are connected with all religions. The seven shades of the rainbow are spoken to in the seven candles at the sacrificial table of Christian holy places, in the menorah outside Jewish sanctuaries, through the rings showed by the Buddhist sanctuary, and in the seven circles made by Muslims outside the Kaaba in Mecca.