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By | January 24, 2017

This is likely because of the way that young men and young ladies develop at various circumstances of their improvement, and young ladies are not kept down by young men in single-sex schools nor diverted by the relationship issues basic in co-instructive schools among immature understudies. Islam, which does not allow sexual connections outside marriage, does not favor the free blending of the genders after the time of adolescence in order to diminish the danger of enticement.

Most Muslim guardians would favor single-sex schools for their teenaged kids, however different measures prescribed by the lessons of Islam incorporate unobtrusiveness in dress and conduct. Islam welcomes individuals before 14 centuries not to blend young ladies and young men in a same school . Islam presents the answers for every single human issue .Islam is the best answer for human.

The Prophet Muhammad once said that “Allah did not make an infection for which He didn’t likewise make a cure.” Therefore muslims are exceptionally urged to investigate and utilize customary and present day types of medication, with confidence that any cure is from Allah”.

A standout amongst the most suggested organic product as a characteristic solution are dates. One can discover innumerable purposes behind its proposal. It is a rich and moment wellspring of vitality making It helpful for individuals encountering low glucose level or low vitality