Look what youth is doing

By | January 17, 2017

It is best to visit the mosque amid low tide season when the islet is open and the stone on which the mosque is manufactured is perfectly uncovered inside an environment thick in ocean breeze. The mosque is an inquisitive sight amid high tide when the rising ocean level makes the impression of a submerged mosque gliding on the sea.

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In the seventh century, another confidence showed up on the planet. This confidence was uncovered to the prophet, Muhammad and its name is Islam, which is an Arabic word meaning accommodation to the will of God. The supporters of Islam are called Muslims. They have faith in one god, whom they call Allah, who is everlasting and made the universe. They likewise trust that Allah sent Prophet Muhammad to the earth to advise individuals how to experience their lives.

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Muslims praise a few critical occasions throughout Muhammad’s life-his birthday and the Quran getting day from Angel Gabriel, yet their most essential celebration is Id. The ninth month of the Islamic year is Ramadan or Ramazan, the time of fasting. Ramadan is the holiest and most joyful period in a Muslim’s life. The celebration goes on for a month. They quick for the entire month without taking anything amid the day. They ask god five times each day with the assistance of Nawaz. They do extraordinary supplicate on Fridays.

The celebration Ramadan closes with Id, and Id celebration begins with a light supper and the meeting at the mosque for supplications where they express gratefulness for an effective quick.