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By | January 17, 2017

The tomb of the late Sayed Peer Haji Ali Shah Bukhari, the benefactor holy person of the mosque is contained inside the structure that is frequented by numerous a guest regardless of confidence or doctrine. The endowments of the praised holy person can be secured by going by the dargah where his remaining parts are revered as reverential songs named Qawwali are performed by Sufi artists in tribute and supplication.

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The high purpose of a visit to the Haji Ali Dargah is obviously visiting the whitewashed structure that extends crosswise over 4500m2 as an exquisite indication of the immortal quality of Indian Islamic design. A 26-meter high tower is additionally part of the scene while an impeccable marble yard is situated behind the mosque’s extravagantly beautified building.

The principle place of worship is arranged inside this patio though the primary corridor of the mosque is richly decorated with marble segments decked in vivid mirror and glass work. Multicolored outlines mix with conventional Arabic themes here where yellow, blue and green glass pieces spell out the hundred names of Allah.

The tomb of Sayyed Peer Haji Ali Shah Bukhari highlights then again a luxuriously brocaded cover sheet in green and red while marble sections and a silver edge bolster the structure. Isolate supplication spaces for male and female enthusiasts are likewise found here as in most Islamic religious foundations.